Mow Less…Fish More!

Everett Johnson
Mow Less…Fish More!
Mowing and yard work are a big part of home ownership and we all take pride in keeping our place looking great. Short of hiring a lawn service, this could mean several evenings per week during warmer months or, Heaven forbid, losing a prime weekend fishing day. So with all the other pressures, kid's sports and assorted honey-dos, what's a decent, self-respecting fishaholic to do?

Upgrading your lawn equipment can be a good place to start. After all, it's not long sweaty hours and calloused hands that bring satisfaction; it's the manicured look of the place that puts our mind at ease when we hitch up the boat and head for the coast.

Exmark has the solution. Long favored by professional lawn care specialists for their efficiency and durability, Exmark now offers their line of affordable and efficient "estate mowers" for homeowners. If you are mowing a half-acre or more, a true zero-turn machine makes a lot of sense. While tractor-style mowers can get the job done, the efficiency just isn't there. Typically, with a tractor-style mower, tedious and multiple time-consuming passes are required to accomplish a neat job, not to mention that a push mower is often required to get within weed-eater distance of trees and landscape beds. Now there's zero-turn.

Imagine a very compact machine that spins in its own length, can gobble 2.8 acres per hour, and controllable to within mere inches of fences, walls, curbs and landscape features. With a top speed of 7.0 mph in the open, Foot Operated Quick Height Adjust System that allows cutting heights of 1.5-5.0 inches in half-inch increments, mower swaths available in 42, 48 and 52-inches, anti-scalp roller-floated mowing deck, and not having to mow in square or circular paths (because tractors cannot turn in their own length) mowing can take half the time with a zero-turn Exmark and you get a more professional-looking job.

The Exmark Quest is powered by the time-honored Briggs & Stratton Extended Life Series Twin-Cylinder engines rated 20, 22 and 24-HP depending cutting width, and the whole rig is covered by a 3-Year Homeowner's Warranty for major components. While nearly all lawn tractors and even some brands of zero-turn equipment are built of stamped and bolted components, the Exmark Quest frame is crafted of welded 2" square steel tubing and the mower deck is fabricated and welded from heavy gage steel plate that delivers no flex, no belt bind, no warp! The mower deck drive system, belts and blades all last much longer and provide more uniform mowing performance.

Mowing with an Exmark Quest has to be experienced to be believed. The seat is thickly padded and includes armrests for comfort. Steering and speed control are accomplished with adjustable levers to suit the operator and the drive system is hydrostatic for durability and exacting control. Jump in the seat and get the feel of the controls; in no time at all you'll be mowing like a professional and saying goodbye to long sweaty hours on tractors and the workout you get behind a push mower.

To learn how to reduce your lawn care time with an Exmark Quest Zero-Turn Mower and to locate your nearest dealer and schedule a demo, visit Exmark mowers are manufactured in the good old USA. Financing and promotional programs are available along with a full line of accessories: sun shade, light kit (fishaholics sometimes mow in the dark), hitch kit, jack and receiver, bagging systems and Micro Mulch.

The tides are green and the fish are biting. Get off the lawn tractor and go fishing!