Nasty Weather? Frogg Toggs Got You Covered!

TSFMag Field Staff
Nasty Weather? Frogg Toggs Got You Covered!
Men's camo line.

You may recall the first week of November 2019 when an old-fashioned blue norther came screaming to the Gulf Coast. I sure do; we were booked for a three-day fishing trip out of Venice, Louisiana. We had gusty south wind the first day but we found protected water and the redfish played nice, chomping every lure in the box. Seems that darned old weatherman had a mean trick up his sleeve, though.

The rain started shortly after dark and it poured buckets, a few hours later the north wind hit like a sledge hammer. It continued raining through the night and by morning the wind was blowing 30+. The temperature dropped to the low 40s and with steady rain still falling the fishing was cancelled.

It was do or die the third morning, even with steady drizzle and the north wind making 40-ish temperatures feel more like 30s. Oh well – it’s a twelve-hour drive from Seadrift to Venice and we came to fish.

As the old saying goes, the fish are already wet. So we donned our Frogg Toggs Pilot jackets and bibs, and slipped on rubber boots. You won’t know if you don’t go! The fishing was predictably slow with the harsh weather but we still found a few. At least we stayed warm and dry.

The Frogg Toggs Pilot gear comes in a rainbow of colors, including several popular camouflage patterns. Camo is a great option for fishermen who also enjoy waterfowl and turkey hunting – so long as you don’t mind hunting in the rain.

Zip-in vests and liner jackets can be paired with the basic jackets for greater warmth on really cold days and reversible from black to camo. The bibs have zippered legs that make it easy to slide them on over boots. Both garments have plenty of large, zippered pockets for carrying the things you need on the water and in the field. Jackets and bibs are both available in a full range of men’s and ladies sizes. MSRP for the Pilot line of jackets is $184.99 and bibs $169.99.

Check out the full line of Frogg Toggs gear at Roy’s Bait and Tackle Outfitters in Corpus Christi, Rockport Tackle Town in Rockport, and all three Fishing Tackle Unlimited locations in Houston. You can also shop online at