Making the Most of the Seasons Requires the Right Gear!

Everett Johnson
Making the Most of the Seasons Requires the Right Gear!

We were assembling gear in the driveway and loading the truck, preparing to hit the road for a Port Mansfield Labor Day weekend. A friend pulled in just in time to help me load the BBQ pit and a fish fryer. I was even happier that hed stopped by when it came time to wrestle the pair of loaded-to-the-lid 120-quart Igloos onto the rear bumper cargo rack.

Oh my goodness, he exclaimed. You going for a month or planning to open a sporting goods store down there? You got more junk here than most garage sales!

Nah, I shot back jokingly, fully understanding his amazement. Just your standard ol South Texas cast and blast weekend, thats all.

Come to think of it, as the load took shape, it really did look like the Clampetts heading for Beverly Hills - sans Granny and her rocker. But the true beauty of a good cast and blast is found in all the options that can be combined hence the mountain of gear. Lord knows I hate going unprepared.

Cast and blast is self-explanatory. Sportsmen who practice it are bound and determined to fill long days with as much of both as they can possibly cram in, as often as good wingshooting and coastal fishing coincide. Hell yeah!

We are diehard wade-fishermen so we tote a lot more than simply rods-n-reels and tackle boxes. Theres belts, boots, nets, wading boxes, you name ita complete category of equipment unique to the sport. And if you happen to be a gear junkie, (that would be my lovely wife, not me for Heavens sake) there will be times when you might tote two or three of all the above.

Its the same on the shooting side. Three gauges of shotguns, (her again), various ammo for each, snake boots, camo clothes, decoys, chairs, bird processing gear and another ice chest to hold them, everything necessary to comprise your ordinary Clampett load.

Assembling all this gear can be a formidable task and thats where knowing a one-stop-shop really pays off. Over the years we have tried and used a variety of goods from an equally large number of suppliers; which often means shopping in nearly as many places. ForEverlast Hunting and Fishing Products to the rescue!

Ever since we got to know Billy Gerke of ForEverlast, the chore of finding sources for all this stuff has become easier. In their wade fishing line, ForEverlast has several styles of belts with fixed and detachable boxes, over-the-shoulder tackle organizers, stingray boots and leggings, pliers that cut braid, stringers, landing nets, basically everything you need.

ForEverlast also offers an equally impressive line-up for hunters ranging from game feeders and snake-protective chaps and boots all the way through wing-shooters belts and bags. And when it is time to process your game, theyve got you covered there too!

Do yourself a favor and simplify your search for fishing and hunting gear by visiting a retailer that stocks ForEverlast products, or if you already know what you need, take the easiest route and shop online

ForEverlast is a family-owned and operated business based in Hallettsville, TX. Billy Gerke and his whole family fish and hunt just like you so they know what works, as well as what you need to get the most out of your days on the water and in the field. Their product designs did not happen by accident; they are evolved through testing and trial and error over many years by an innovative family that work hard and play harder in the Texas outdoors.