Fish Talk: April 2009

Fish Talk: April 2009
Prospects for April fishing in the Matagorda are looking pretty good. Our fishery will be in full swing with stronger outgoing and incoming tides along with an abundance of bait fish. Baitfish - the likes of glass minnows, shrimp, and mullet should be visible everywhere you go. Being as many of these bait species are in the smaller range during early spring it may prove profitable to downsize to smaller baits such as topwaters like the Super Spook Jr., small Skitter Walks, and MirrOlure's Top Pup. You may want to consider downsizing your plastics as well. For example, Bass Assassin's 4" sea shad might be an option. It's not to say that the bigger baits will not work, but matching the hatch, so to speak, can sometimes be the angle to pursue for more bites.

East Bay
I will begin April wading mud and shell while constantly checking out harder, grassy bottoms as the month progresses. Our trout should be getting off the mud soon, so harder bottoms with a little grass will be coming into play. Shell reefs are also one of the traditional hot tickets for the month of April. The stronger flows and higher water levels will improve action along shorelines we tend to neglect during winter. Drift fishing, especially over deep reefs and other structure will not be out of the question. You can often find me throwing a rattling cork with about 3 feet of 20 lb test monofilament tied on with a Blurp Drunk Monkey or a 10W40 Bass Assassin. This has been a good way to catch fish while drifting East Matagorda Bay. Might even try your favorite topwater while out there drifting because you never know. Bass Assassins in numerous flavors will be my chunking choices.

West Bay
With hopes of an abundance of glass minnows, you can expect the gamefish to follow. Best bet in West Bay will be to fish an incoming tide on the south shoreline. Good fishing areas range from the Cullen Houses all the way down to Airport Flats and every place in between. Look for me wading sandbars, guts, and grassbeds while pitching Assassins on 1/8 oz leadheads.

Sometimes the bite won't start until late afternoon, 4 o'clock until dark. Oh, one other thing we can't forget the dark gray suit with teeth that will gleefully snatch your catch without permission. Stingrays will also be plentiful along these shores as the water warms. Don't forget your ForEverLast stingray boots. Better safe than sorry; just ask someone who's been there, done it, and got a t-shirt and scars to prove it. Until next time be safe and cautious out there on the water.

May God bless you richly.