Fish Talk: January 2007

Fish Talk: January 2007
John Thompson took this hefty 26 1/4” trout in East Matagora Bay on a rainbow trout Bass Assassin while fishing with Capt. Bill recently.
December fishing started off with a bang as we dodged a cold front here and there. Limits of trout and redfish came to the fish cleaning tables. Pick a spot, East or West Matagorda Bay, even the Colorado River, and you had plenty of fish to occupy your time. It is now December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day. Last month I predicted that our shrimp should hang around until mid-December or so, it now looks as though you may likely see them in our bays right through December. The popular flounder run is pretty much over at this time.

Getting a handle on what's in store for us in January is shaky at best, but everything I see is leading me to offer some excellent predictions.
Our bays have quite a few fish in them and I don't see them going anywhere unless our weather pattern takes a turn for the worse and we're anointed with a little freezing weather. Believe me; I'm not predicting nor do I want a freeze, but one just never knows what's around the corner.

January fishing is always good in the Colorado River if it is not fresh.
East Matagorda Bay will be my likely stomping grounds where I will concentrate on wading mud and shell or drifting out in the middle on scattered shell. Finfish like mullet or piggy perch will be satisfying the appetites of our fish about this time of year. Our shrimp population will be gone by then, so there's not much choice, find the mullet and you will find a few fish.

When you're running up and down the bay, remember to look for jumping mullet, slicks, and streaky clear to off-colored water.
These attributes will normally have a good pay off. Also, remember to slow down your retrieve a bit. The water is cold as are the fish whose metabolism rate has slowed down tremendously. If you don't think your retrieve is slow enough slow it down even more until you get a bite. Remember how you catch your first fish. Check how many twitches, how slow your retrieve was, and maybe even count down your bait to that certain level that works, et cetera. Just don't forget what you did to get your first strike.

Over the years, I have observed that avid bass fishermen make excellent trout fishermen because they read the water very well and remember how they caught their first fish and then they'll keep repeating that same pattern.
These guys and gals are very successful fishermen.

If redfish is your game you might mosey down to West Matagorda Bay on some low tides and fish the shallow sand bars, grass flats, and the guts.
This usually is an option in January and you might even catch yourself a big trout.

Areas highlighted to check out in East Matagorda Bay are Kain Cove, Boiler Bayou, Oyster Farm, and all reefs in and around Bird Island.
You'll probably see Capt. Bill over in East Matagorda Bay wading mud and shell areas on the south shoreline. Drifters should be out in front of Boiler Bayou, Cleveland Reef, Raymond's Reef, and all the reefs in and around Bird Island.

Lures this month will not change much from my last report, Bass Assassins on a ounce lead head using roach, morning glory, red shad, limetreuse, space guppy, and maybe firetiger.
Corkies in pearl chartreuse, as well as, Mirrolures in the 51 and 52 Series will be excellent choices. If I'm wading I'll throw the Mirrolure 51 and drifting I'll use the 52. Colors to look at in your Mirrolures are the 808, EC, CH, 21, and 26. At times, while wading I'll bring out my old broken-back lures. Pick any of the above lures and colors mentioned and you won't go wrong.Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and brought in the New Year with a good spirit. Maybe I'll see you at the Houston Boat Show.

Until next time; Be Blessed..Capt. Bill