Fish Talk: July 2009

Fish Talk: July 2009
Wow, June rolled in and so far I have to give it an A+ rating. The change the weatherman gave us was certainly welcome. After canceling most of my April and May trips because of faulty conditions, June has been a breath of fresh air.

Visitors to area fish cleaning tables have been seeing some uncommon catches. Limits and literally dozens of huge trout have become commonplace on any given day. I cannot recall so many large trout in recent years coming to the tables and I mean fish anywhere from 27-30 inchers. These are coming from both the surf and bays, mainly off live croaker. I spoke with a local game warden who told me that he had never seen so many big trout in his experience. Those throwing artificials were able to bring in quality fish but most of the truly big trout this past month came from live croaker. We were able to bring some decent fish from the surf with Bass Assassin's Chicken-on-a-Chain, 10W40, and the Eddie Douglas Special Broken Back.

East Matagorda Bay

With the spotlight on July and warmer temperatures, my fishing plans will take me into the deeper reefs in East Matagorda Bay where you will find me wading with Bass Assassins, Skitter Walks, and Super Spooks in hand. Perhaps I will even drift those same reefs with the same baits. Historically, good trout catches have come from drifting East Matagorda Bay and chunking topwaters during the heat of the day so don't think that topwaters are morning baits only. Remember to concentrate your efforts around active bait. Jumping mullet and shrimp, slicks and a few birds will the keys in July.

July's midday and afternoon heat can take a toll on fishermen as well as put a damper on fishing in general. Therefore, night fishing is definitely on my agenda for this month. When the conditions are right, night fishing can be a blast; recent years have proven this on many occasions. For the most part July brings light wind, especially at night. But if the winds kick up, a retreat to the south shoreline will be the plan where we will wade and throw topwaters. On the reefs your bait choice should include Roach or Morning Glory Assassins. For some reason over the past years, I have done better throwing plastics rather than topwaters on reefs. If you have never tried night fishing, give me a call and I promise you will have an adventure you won't forget.

Of course, we always have the surf which has been awesome thus far in June and I am sure the action will continue in July. You know when this happens where I will be because it is pretty much a given that you will get a pull from a trout, red, shark, or maybe if lucky, a tarpon. It happens every year.

West Matagorda Bay

West Matagorda Bay does not play much of a role in my normal July fishing plan. When I do head over that way I will be chasing after redfish in the shallows and occasionally venturing out to the wells and shell pads to catch trout and maybe a few tripletails.

Remember to keep our bays alive, just keep five. Until next time; God Bless!