Fish Talk: July 2012

Fish Talk: July 2012
July weather generally includes hot, muggy, steamy days with typical wind direction out of the southeast. If you have any experience on the water at all, you already know that sunscreen, polarized glasses, as well as sufficient amounts of water and Gatorade are a must. I recommend limiting any alcoholic beverages while out in the heat because of the capacity to become dehydrated which could lead to sun stroke. The results would put you out of commission for a while with long lasting effects that might create complications for you down the road. In other words, just not worth taking the chance.

My fishing tactics will change in July as beating the heat will become a priority. I'll plan to leave the dock before daylight 3:00 - 5:00 AM if I'm wading. Normally, the bite is early for trout. In past years we have hammered trout before daylight oftentimes throwing a Roach or Morning Glory Bass Assassin. Fish have no concept of day or night and can see a topwater or plastic in the dark, I assure you. Typically, if we catch fish on a reef before daylight, the bite will continue to midmorning especially on an incoming tide.

Another tidbit to consider is the jellyfish and man-o-wars. By wearing long pants you minimize dealing with the pains of these critters. If you happen to jump out of the boat with shorts on over in East Matagorda Bay, chances are you will spend the rest of your time in the boat.

With a pre-dawn start to our day, when the morning bite starts to slow down, we usually pack up and go back to the dock around 11:00 - 12:00. Last year the heat was unbearable. Many boats with drifters were back at the dock by 10:00 - 10:30. Hopefully, we will have a normal summer so we can get in more fishing time.

July is also a great time to catch those rubber lips on the shorelines. It is first-rate to see schools of redfish that you can actually stand in one spot and catch your limit. Of course, if the surf is right, I'll be out there as well. The surf is a different animal than the bay. It is nice to catch them early in the surf but we have also hooked limits in the heat of the day on topwaters, believe it or not. So you never know about the surf in terms of when the bite might happen.

Surf fishing is fun but can also be dangerous especially if you wade around a pass or channel like San Luis Pass, Matagorda Jetty, or Pass Cavallo. Strong tidal movement can cause undertows and the passes mentioned have taken many lives, especially San Luis Pass between Galveston and Freeport. My advice is to wear an inflatable life jacket so if you do get into trouble, you can pull the cord. These life jackets are comfortable to wear with the added plus of keeping you safe and alive.

Until next time, God Bless. -Capt. Bill