Fish Talk: October 2006

Fish Talk: October 2006
Aaron Faas with 28” trout caught in East Bay throwing firetiger and roach Assassins.

September rolled in with a bang but went downhill from there. Surf fishermen have pulled out some good trout on topwaters, Bass Assassins, and the good old reliable J20 Rebel Broken Back modified by Eddie Douglas. Like I've mentioned previously, September is a transitional month for fishing. We've already had one cold front and another on the way this second weekend of the month. You never know what to expect with our changing weather patterns. All one can do is go by past records, watch your weather reports, and hope for a good day to get out there on the water and catch some fish.

East Matagorda Bay has become home again to working birds; however, 95% of the fish under these birds have only been 9-14 inches. This report should change late September going into October. Looking at all the bait activity going on in this bay system indicates to me that October should be a real humdinger for some good days chunking your favorite lures. In fact, you'll find me camping out there like I have most of the summer.

Personally, my lure choices will be lots of Bass Assassins, Shrimp Cocktails, and She Dogs. Try your topwaters in gold or chartreuse as those colors work really well for me. In fact, Mirrolure has two new lures on the market in the She Dog 83 MR, GCRRH and GCRCH. Both of these baits have proven successful for me. Bass Assassins in roach, plum, bone diamond, pumpkinseed, fire tiger, and 10W40 will be my go to baits.

With some clients that don't particularly like to wade, I'll drift and throw the Shrimp Cocktail and the new cork that Bass Assassin just came out with. You'll find these corks in either orange or chartreuse. But if you're looking for an edge, I'll let you in on a little insider trading. I like to modify my corks by taking a can of black spray paint and giving them a nice dose. I've found that these black corks will outfish the other two colors. Don't ask me why I haven't been able to strike up a conversation with a trout or red yet that will give me any clues. Another tidbit is that these black corks work even better with live bait. I personally have not thrown any live bait using them but other guides I've talked to have and they can attest to this cork's success.

West Bay at this point in time is holding quite a few reds on the north shoreline behind Shell Island and Twin Island. Most of the reds are being caught on live bait or topwaters. Trout here are small but keepers in the 15- -16 inch range.

Don't overlook the Diversion Channel for some solid reds and keeper trout. Another area to keep track of is the Flats between the Diversion Channel and old Parker's Cut for some quality trout and reds. Buyer beware though if you're not familiar with this area... don't go there. Reason being is the over abundance of hidden treasures lurking in the deep that would just love to ruin your fishing day by busting up a lower unit or the like. It's just not worth the risk if you don't know your way around.

All in all fishing has been steady - good, but not great. All points bulletin suggests that late September into October has every indication of some excellent fishing coming up. Get in on the action if you can and until next time... Be Blessed.

Capt. Bill