Fish Talk: October 2007

Fish Talk: October 2007
October is one of the best months of the year for fishing and catching. We have had a very wet year thus far with rainfall way above normal. With this in our fall picture, fishing the Colorado River is up in the air. East Matagorda Bay does not receive much water from the river, so it will likely remain in good shape as will certain parts of West Matagorda Bay. The only thing to do at this point is sit back and see what’s in store.

Normally you can fish the Colorado River in October and East Bay is always a good pick.

Oyster Lake can pack a lot of reds and small keeper trout as well. For all you duck hunters out there, numerous teal were spotted August 29th flying the north shoreline of East Matagorda Bay. Conditions are looking good for fall fishing and hunting excursions.

As everyone knows East Matagorda Bay is a favorite of mine and that is where you will find me most of the time in the months coming up. If a strong hard north wind threatens us I’ll retreat to the river if it’s fishable. I’m looking for this abundance of rain to slack off so that the fish will move to the river. Late September and into October should see bird activity in both East and West Matagorda Bays.

Every year after the passage of a strong cold front our water level drops considerably below the range of normal tides. When this happens the shrimp and other bait fish leave our marshes by way of the various sloughs and drains. The birds should be in full throttle when this occurs. Areas such as Catchall Basin, Oyster Farm, Kain Cove, and Hog Island will offer lots of action. Drift fishing can also be good out in the middle of the bay on scattered shell. Whatever you do, do not overlook working birds while you are crossing the bay or out there drifting the reefs. East Matagorda Bay offers some of the best bird action on the Texas coast.

Choice baits will include Bass Assassins 10W40 color 5” Sea Shad and 4” Paddle Tail Shad. This color always works well when the trout are feeding on shrimp. Other good colors at this time are the Pumpkinseed and Bone Diamond. The Roach pattern is a good one to try if the water is a bit murky. Top water selections will be Mirrolures 83MR She Dog in CRBN, 84 MR FT, NSCH, GRCCH, and a relatively new color 83 MR CRBC. This Mirrolure 83 MR CRBC really does make an impression. Trout and reds love this lure. They will hit this bait so hard that the red eyes pop out. Take a look at the before and after pictures of this lure to see for yourself the results of one morning’s fishing trip.

Whatever you do be safe on the water, wear your kill switch, just keep 5-7, and by all means enjoy your day and May God Bless You along the way.