Capt. Scott’s Fried Shrimp Deluxe

Capt. Scott’s Fried Shrimp Deluxe
We were lucky recently to be invited to a delicious seafood dinner prepared by Capt. Scott Sommerlatte. I was impressed! I took careful notes and photos…bon appetit!

4 lbs medium shrimp peeled and deveined
1 cup HEB Original Almondmilk unsweetened
Prasek's Gourmet Chop Dust (can order online)
3 cups Pioneer yellow corn meal
1 cup Jiffy corn muffin mix
Cottonseed oil (can substitute Canola)

Place shrimp in Almondmilk. Mix together corn meal and Jiffy mix.

Dredge shrimp in corn meal mixture.

In large frying pan, heat oil to 375 degrees. Fry shrimp four minutes or until golden brown.Serve on bed of shredded potato fries with tartar sauce and coleslaw.

Six servings.

***For a fishier recipe, substitute redfish, trout, or LIONFISH. To learn more about this delectable species and why you should eat as much of it as possible, check out Fishy Facts!***