Grilled Salmon – “Best in Texas”

Grilled Salmon – “Best in Texas”

This recipe comes from the kitchen of Melinda Scheps and it has instantly become our favorite for grilling the silver salmon we brought from Alaska. We like it so much that we've given it our "Best in Texas" rating.

1-pound salmon fillets (thawed with skin removed)

Flavoring sauce
1/3-cup olive oil
1/3-cup soy sauce
4-Tbs dark brown sugar

Combine olive oil, soy sauce and brown sugar in small bowl, stirring until all sugar is dissolved. Place fillets in gallon ziplock bag with half of the flavoring sauce. Soak for one hour before cooking, turning bag often.

Light gas grill and preheat for 10-minutes at highest setting.

Place fillets directly over flame for two minutes per side.

Remove and serve immediately.

Drizzle fillets with remaining flavoring sauce before serving.

Yield two adult dinner servings.