Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Cajun Seasoned Fish Fry

Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Cajun Seasoned Fish Fry

There’s a new fry in town! I made a great discovery recently that I feel I just have to share with TSFMag readers who follow this page – Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Cajun Seasoned Fish Fry.

This authentic breading product comes from an old family recipe that has been handed down through generations and has a “wow factor” you have to experience to believe. I have used it two ways; lightly dusting both sides of fresh drum fillets and going straight to the fryer after allowing fifteen minutes for the coating to adhere, and also by dredging fillets in egg and milk wash and shaking the fillets in a ziplock bag of the product.

The first method provides a very light and flavorful coating while the second method delivers a thicker coating with a lot of crunch. Either way works and both are…as they say…to die for!

The first batch (lightly dusted) got gobbled up as soon as they were cool enough to eat. I had to fight off my dinner guests as I prepared the “crunchy” batch or there wouldn’t have been any left for dinner.

I have also used Zyde’ceaux Joe’s product on shrimp, onion rings, and French fries with the same impressive results as the drum fillets. 

Over the years I have tried dozens of packaged fry coatings and concocted many of my own. Zyde’ceaux Joe’s beats them all – hands down! That’s saying a lot for a seafood cook that’s been at it as long as I have.

Visit www.zjcajunfry.com to learn more and place an order. As the label says, “When It’s Cajun We Do It The Cajun Way.”

Pam Johnson