A Stellar Day for Cliff

A Stellar Day for Cliff
The trout haven't come into the surf yet, as of me writing this anyway, and the March wind seems to have taken up permanent residence here in Texas still blowing in May. But the marshes are crawling (literally) with reds, and this is a dream come true for kayak anglers.

On a recent weekday with perfect weather and tides, of course I was stuck at work, my pal Cliff made it out and enjoyed an exceptional day. As is our custom we call each other to share the days report when we are unable to fish together.

So I'm in the office and my phone rings at about 11:00 AM. Cliff is already headed home. This is highly unusual, him being a pretty hardcore kayaker and fisherman. He is quick to let me know that the early morning hours had been full of action. After briefing me on some of the details Cliff said he would send me a few photos to help paint the picture.

Well later that afternoon he did indeed send me some photos and dandies they are, documenting a stellar morning in the marsh. After talking to him and seeing his photos, I knew his trip was worthy of showcasing this month. I have included a selection of the photos for my article and I will let them tell the story. Thank you for sharing, Cliff. Enjoy.

Currently in my own fishing endeavors I have been doing a lot of bass fishing. No new personal bests for me but I did put a buddy of mine on his best-ever bass. Not to downplay his new outdoor enthusiasm, but up until this day he hadn't even thrown a baitcaster. It was a special moment to be a part of.

In the saltwater lately I am on a kick of throwing soft plastics with no weight. I actually have started using my offset bass fishing hooks to rig soft plastics. When fishing the skinny water of the marsh I was constantly finding my lure plugging up with grass and mud, even with the lightest of jigheads, when I slowed it enough to be effective for redfish doing the feed-cruising thing with their backs exposed. The weightless setup lands softer than a baited offering and prevents the clogging. It does take some casting finesse and a little practice to get it out there consistently without a backlash, but nothing you can't handle.

Send me your kayak fishing reports and catch photos!