May Happy Place

May Happy Place
When May rolls around I start to feel normal as a fisherman again.  The air and water temps are coming back up while the spring winds start to die down.  The water levels are also rising, which means I can fish marsh skinny-water again with regularity. My dreams begin to be filled with the images of the backs of redfish breaching the surface. I have said it before and will say it again, shallow water sight-fishing is my favorite.

I also have intentions of launching the kayak in the surf to see what I can learn there. I have gear for bigger gamefish but what I really want is to give surf trout a try from the kayak. As I type this I realize I am stuck in the sense that I continually hope for catching trout yet still haven't mastered them. I need to re-watch my TroutSupport DVD. Also, advice is welcome from you readers. I always like to learn new tricks of the trade.

Of late I have only made it out a few times. Rain, wind, and work have kept my fishing to a skeleton routine.  That’s OK though, the rain and wind part is more of a regular seasonal pattern.  It never fails the summer and fall are more accommodating to kayakers seeking favorable weather conditions. I did get out for some night fishing however(only time I could get a weather window).  With a little persistence a few reds fell for my new Egrets soft plastic baits. 

In other news I finally got my computer fixed.  I have a couple of fishing videos to finish editing that I will load onto my Youtube page.  Please feel free to follow my Youtube channel and leave comments, etc. Also, I broke my favorite rod, not from fighting a fish but rather a dumb and careless error. On the bright side I do love a good excuse for new gear.

That about wraps up current events in my world. As always, keep your emails and photos coming. Thanks for reading and good luck on the water.