Hello, My Name is Scott, and I'm a GEAR JUNKIE

Hello, My Name is Scott, and I'm a GEAR JUNKIE
It is an undisputed fact that I am a gearhead. In fact, for me, it is all about the stuff! There is no doubt that one of the best parts of my job is playing with all of, what I like to call, the tools of the trade. And, where better to do that than in the garage. It is the place that, incidentally, I feel most at home when I am not on the water or in the field. But, I am sure that can be said of most outdoorsmen. In fact, I think it would be a safe bet to say that to get a true look into the life of any outdoorsman, all one must do is look at his garage.

Walk into a garage and see duck decoys hanging from the rafters or sitting on shelves and it is a pretty safe bet that there are waders and shotgun nearby and that you have entered the lair of a waterfowl hunter. Or one might find a flats skiff, bay boat or kayak in there with rod and reels organized in some unique fashion along the wall or hanging from the ceiling. For me, it is a combination of all of the above, plus the addition of an ATV and half assembled tri-pods and tree-stands that support my other habit, bow hunting.

Of course, because my garage is much smaller than it really needs to be and my needs vary at different times of the year, the contents can vary from time to time. Right now, because it is hunting season, the four-wheeler is sitting on a trailer ready to back up to and head to the woods on a whim that the deer might be moving that day while my skiffs live a lonely existence nestled into stalls at the boat barn.

In addition to the aforementioned, one has to think of all the other important little items that help make the world turn. For example, many might equate my garage to more of sporting goods store or showroom of sorts with the latest and greatest from brands like G Loomis, Shimano, Waterloo and Yeti strewn about. Add to that the fact that I really take pride in having the right tool for the job and apparently have purchased stock in Craftsman and DeWalt tools, and it is obvious how serious I am about working on and maintaining my equipment in such a manner that it always ready to go.

There are other little things that make my garage special. Things like having hot water piped to a faucet to connect a hose for giving the pooch a warm bath after retrieving birds in the cold, muddy marsh. Or, even better yet, the near future plans to install a stainless steel sink that I acquired years ago that will provide me a great place for cleaning and packaging game. I am really looking forward to that.

But seriously, while my garage is the envy of several friends who are stuck with having to stow the wife's car in theirs, I too get envious of friends that have either a bigger garage or, even worse- they have more stuff. In fact, I have one friend whose garage is probably the greatest ever. It is what I will call a "large" two-car space that has never had a car parked in it a single day. It does however contain a flats skiff, an airboat, several canoes, more rods, reels and duck decoys than any one person could ever possibly fathom and my two favorite little items, a layout boat for ducking and an outside shower with hot and cold water. What more could a person ask for? How about a bottle of Polo cologne sitting on the drill press for the instances when the wife sticks her head out the door yelling, "Are you Ready?", while interrupting a work session? Seriously folks, true story, he keeps a bottle of 'fu-fu' juice sitting on the drill press to mask the scent of gun oil or reel-lubricant in case of an emergency. Add to all of that a Harley and a wall covered with deer antlers and hog skulls and you have the "ultimate" garage. Heck, just give me a cot and I could be happy living there.

A lot can be said about having the space to work on and organize gear for the next trip. And, fortunately for me, I have nobody to place demands on my time so, rather than seeking temporary refuge there like so many of my friends, I obviously get to spend a great deal of my time in the garage. It is almost the perfect place to start and finish almost any adventure into the great outdoors. However, I will be the first to admit that there is just not enough space. I am of course working on this. My plans- to someday build the ultimate home that will have one bed, one bath and a five boat, I mean car, garage.Here is to wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year and stuff like that!