Celebrating Independence Day…and July Fishing

Before getting into fishing I want to say a few words about Independence Day.

My dad was a USMC veteran. As a child I was taught that we live in the greatest nation the world has ever known. To believe or think otherwise for even a fleeting moment would be pure nonsense by my reckoning. Just look at the world today, better yet, travel to any other country that interests you. I have; and I’m always anxious and happy to get back to the good old USA. The blessings of liberty and freedom Americans enjoy are the envy of every other nation and people. I am proud of my country. God Bless America!

Another reason to celebrate is that July is chock-full of fishing opportunity. Any day now, hopefully soon, the wretched springtime winds will diminish and the bays and gulf will beckon fishermen to take advantage.

At the top of many anglers lists will be red snapper. Our season is short, thanks to the so-called NOAA fisheries managers. That’s why you need to be sitting on go at the first sign of calming in the gulf. Small boats on seas more than a couple feet are not the best plan. Here’s to hoping July gives us good weather.

Nearshore waters will be swarming with the greatest number of sportfish species we see all year. Chief among these are tarpon, king mackerel, cobia (ling), mahi-mahi, and sharks. Many a day I’ve waded the surf a few hours at daylight and then headed out to troll and jig for all the others.

Speaking of the surf, July is one of the best months for clean, green water to lap on the sand. The action can be unreal when it does. Belly-deep in the suds with angry surf trout crushing surface lures is nothing short of exhilarating.

Back in the bays, you can bet the farm it’s going to be busy. The July heat is reason enough to get out there early for a few hours, and maybe another session toward evening. The bite is sure to be more reliable, not to mention fewer boats zipping around. Some say boat traffic annoys fishermen more than fish, but I beg to differ. One thing is sure, an afternoon BBQ in the shade beats grinding under baking sun…the way I see it, anyway.

The biggest mistake any fisherman can make this month is to stay indoors. Gas the boat, load the tackle, and round up the family. Take a few minutes to get everybody registered for the CCA Texas STAR Tournament. It’s easy to do online. One of your youngsters could be the lucky winner of a STAR scholarship.

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