December Greatness

I could probably make a list at least a foot long of all the great things December offers Texas outdoors enthusiasts, but first we need to remember the greatest event of the twelfth month is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Agnostics, atheists, and people who practice other religions may disagree and that’s their right. But having been raised in a Christian home, Christmas will always be very sacred to me. For those who believe likewise; I wish you a joyous Christmas season. If you believe otherwise; I pray you will find peace and tolerance to respect this great tradition.

On to the outdoors – December is recognized as the kickoff to the long-awaited trophy trout season. Big trout are caught in every month but the development of winter weather and feeding patterns makes targeting the largest fish more exciting and more predictable. Fishing in December isn’t always easy, we have to endure inclement conditions at times, but rising to such challenges only makes it more special.

This is not to say that hunting is not also very important. Like many anglers, I too have great difficulty deciding between fishing and hunting this time of year. Some days I get to do both – part of the beauty of living on San Antonio Bay.

This issue is filled with information that could enable you to become a better wintertime angler. Our writers share generously of the lessons they learned the hard way to make your pathway to success easier. If by chance you find any of it adding to your success, please drop an email or text message to the writer. I’m sure they will enjoy the feedback.

Now for the giving part of Christmas. I believe it safe to say everybody reading this magazine has an angler in their life. We have two product highlights in this issue that could make gift buying a whole lot easier. The same as my wife with her many pairs of shoes to match every outfit, I doubt there’s an angler anywhere who wouldn’t treasure a new reel or wading gear wrapped in shiny Christmas paper.

Another great gift idea would be a guided fishing trip. Our writing team includes some of the best fishing guides in Texas. Pick one in your area or one that operates in a bay system your angler likes to fish. They will love you for it.

I will close this column by asking that you consider your family foremost in all your outdoors activities. Especially with children, believe me when I say we have only a short time to influence them before they’re grown and on their own. I speak from experience!

Get them out of the house and into the outdoors where there’s no TV and other distractions. Look for exciting things to do out there to take their mind off cell phones and game devices. Most importantly, you will be spending time with them, which might be the most special gift of all.