Heading Into Spring

We are heading into the busiest time of year in Texas recreational fishing. It all starts in March and rises like an orchestra in crescendo during July and August. The Houston Fishing Show can be likened to the starter's pistol- not only in the progression of sport and boating industry shows we will be attending and working, but also the general on-the-water aspect that always seems to get a big jump start through the timing of spring break, especially for folks with young families.

A few words on the Houston Fishing Show; unless you will be on the water all five days, I'm betting there is no excuse that will hold water for not spending at least one afternoon or evening at the George R. Brown. The show opens Wednesday, Feb 25 and closes Sunday, March 1. This is our show, meaning a Texas show for Texas anglers, filled with products for the way we fish and guides from every port along our coast.

I have some changes and additions to announce in our writing team. Steve Hillman has moved up to take Mike McBride's spot in the feature lineup. This is not meant to say that he is replacing Mike per se; I'm not sure who could do that, actually. In Steve's own words, "Man, you sure are handing me a giant pair of shoes to fill. That guy has become something of a legend!" Mike was with us every step of the way until he announced his retirement and grew to become more like a brother to Pam and me than an associate. Steve's first feature appears in this issue and I have great confidence you will find his work informative and entertaining. He is made of the right stuff, was raised salty, and loves fishing and Galveston Bay as much or more than anybody alive.

Young Caleb Harp will be taking over Steve's Galveston region guide column. Again, in Steve Hillman's words, "Caleb is young and energetic. He is a very accomplished angler and I have to say he is already turning heads and gaining respect as a guide. It took the rest of us a lot longer." Caleb's first guide column also appears in this issue and I trust everybody will extend a hearty welcome as he takes us across the Galveston Bays each month, pleasing clients and catching lots of fish.

I believe it appropriate at this time for Pam and me, along with all the TSFMag staff, to express our gratitude to all our loyal readers and the advertisers who continue to support our publishing effort. The success we enjoy is certainly greater than we could have ever imagined, and springs from many, many sources. There are so many behind the scenes friends and supporters, too numerous to mention. All I can say is we have been mightily blessed. Next month marks our fourteenth year since we purchased Gulf Coast Connections from Gene Baker, God rest his soul, and it has been a good ride.

Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, we're hoping for at least fourteen more.