TSFMag Growth and Direction

I take a number of outdoor magazines. My reading list is about as long as it diverse and includes fishing titles, waterfowl, upland bird hunting and shotgun sports, gun dog training and big game hunting–pastimes in which I avidly participate. I obviously enjoy reading about the outdoors and, while doing so, the editor-publisher side of me cannot help but notice editorial style, layout and graphic techniques displayed in each. The reading list has evolved over the years and changes with my interests, most caught my eye on a newsstand and, enjoying the content, decided to become a regular subscriber.

Without fail my favorites are specialized publications flavored with lots of how-to and where-to articles. Many of the fishing and hunting trips Pam and I have taken over the years were inspired by these. Ditto; equipment, gear and gadget purchases.

Some of my favorite articles have been published in nationally-distributed magazines while others appeared in local and regional pubs. Writers of greatest personal appeal are highly-qualified and recognized experts in their fields while others are outdoor professionals with credentials forged making a living hunting, fishing, etc. Fluff, meaning obvious hyping of places and products the author seems (to me) less than qualified to cover or endorse turns me off immediately.

So, having said all the above and as editor and publisher, the content we provide here must first pass my personal criteria before it goes to the reader. Our primary mission has always been to provide truly useful, up-to-date fishing information for Texas coastal anglers, from bank fishing to bigger game. To insure the quality of content, we rely on local fishing experts; guys and gals that have earned reputations for exceptional skill, knowledge, character and sporting ethic. A few are professional writers but most are not. As Billy Sandifer once said, "We are fishing professionals that fish for a living, not professional writers who sometimes go fishing." I think Billy hit the nail on the head.

Conservation of coastal resources has always been a major part of our presentation. I said in the beginning that if we are going to teach folks to enjoy Texas fisheries, we must also teach them to respect the resource. Hence our association with CCA Texas and Texas Parks and Wildlife.This brings me to inviting readers to participate in planning the future content of this magazine. Despite what many so-called media experts have to say about the future of print publications, TSFMag continues to grow. There is always risk that if useful fishing content is not added commensurate with growth of advertising, our publication will eventually become more of a catalog of fishing products than a fishing magazine.

I am reaching out to readers. Tell me what you like and would like to see more of. Also, if we are not covering it, tell me what you might want to see incorporated in the future. Email ideas and suggestions: [email protected]

Thank you and best wishes for the summer fishing season!