Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On

I make a point to avoid discussing developments at TSFMag in this column, preferring instead to pursue more worthy and hopefully informative topics. Please allow me a digression this month as we have much going on that I want to announce.

While many print outdoor magazines seem to languish in poor economic trends and the rapid rise of electronic media all I can say is we have been blessed. With the support of loyal readers and an uncommon blend of regional and national advertisers, TSFMag is growing.

This issue marks the debut of a new monthly department; Eric "Oz" Ozolins' Extreme Kayak Fishing and Sharks from the Sand. Already a legend in shark fishing conservation and fishery research, Oz will be writing about paddling offshore for every species of gamefish he can find and also his extreme shark angling from the beach. Oz's stuff is, in a wordincredible; quite unlike anything you will find in print anywhere. We are very proud to have him. Learn more about Oz at ExtremeCoast.com.

More news Casey Smartt has requested release from monthly writing chores to concentrate on his other business pursuits and teenaged sons. But this does not mean that fly-fishing will leave our pages. Scott Sommerlatte will take over the Fly Department in September and Casey will check in occasionally with his usual fine writing to tell of adventures with the long rod. We wish Casey and his family well.

Scott Null will hand over the reins of the Kayak Fishing Department to Cade Simpson and take up Scott Sommerlatte's position as skiff-guide correspondentthough not necessarily in his predecessor's full "According to Scott" style. Cade is natural for the Kayak Department as he is "ate up with it" as they say.

Feature stories are always very popular and we have been lucky to publish quite a few pieces from Joe Richard and Joe Doggett over the past year. Reader feedback for these guys has been very good and we plan to keep them aboard as often as their other writing schedules will allow. McBride, Cochran, Strarup, Uzzle and Sandifer our tried and true feature corps of many years will continue to bring you the stuff you buy this magazine to read.

Last but certainly not least, TSFMag is expanding within the realm of digital outdoor media. We have a brand new website being developed that promises to make our present site look like a sixth-grader's science project. Look for a bunch of updates and changes; easier to browse, maybe even blogs and interactive forums. Time (and this old dog learning new tricks) will tell how far we can go.

As I write, we are just returned from the grand daddy of fishing trade shows, American Sportfishing Association's ICAST.
ICAST is the acronym for International Conference of Allied Sportfishing Trades. This year's event was held in Orlando, Florida and it lived up to its name in many ways. Lots of new tackle and gear was announced as well as improvements to a host of items we have been using for years. Watch our tackle and gear section to learn about what's new and better for the coming year.