The Importance of Numbers and Growth in CCA

CCA Texas
The Importance of Numbers and Growth in CCA
In today's world of politics, numbers are often if not always as important as dollars. When numbers speak, volumes are spoken. Because of a strong and vocal membership, Coastal Conservation Association has been a very successful conservation organization and continues to be in the current politics and policies of fisheries management not only in Texas but the entire United States. Walter Fondren, Coastal Conservation Association National Chairman, said it best in a position paper entitled, "Stand Up and Be Counted," when he wrote "There is strength in numbers, but only if someone is counting."

"Without a recreational license, the community of saltwater anglers (in the United States) and the millions of dollars they spend each year cannot be accurately established, and don't think our opponents in the commercial sector don't use that against us."

With the recent passing of the latest version of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, all recreational fishermen will be required to have a fishing license and if the states do not enact a state license by 2010, a federal permit will be required. CCA backs this move for obvious reasons as stated by Mr. Fondren. Without numbers of recreational anglers to count, there is no strength in numbers. The same is true for CCA.

CCA's strength in numbers recently grew on a national level with the addition of the Pacific-Northwest. The creation of CCA Washington and CCA Oregon in the Pacific Northwest will bring CCA's extensive experience in grassroots networks, lobbying and fisheries management to the region's contentious salmon issues, long a source of frustration for Pacific Northwest anglers. With a proven and strong membership base in place already, the addition of the Pacific Northwest only strengthens the nation's largest marine resource conservation group. This bodes well not only for CCA National but for CCA Texas as the organization continues to fight for the conservation of our coastal resources.

The strength of CCA continues to be its grassroots membership. Without this strong membership and commitment from these members the organization can not continue to be successful. CCA Texas will continue to seek areas of growth throughout the state of Texas and it will continue to be the premier marine resource conservation group in the state and the nation. If you are interested in getting involved with a local chapter or perhaps starting a new chapter, be sure to contact CCA Texas at 800-626-4222 and ask for the assistant director in your area.For more information about CCA Texas, be sure to visit and to visit for issues on a national level.