June Forecast: Whole Lot Of Fishing…and Lots Of Catching!

Summer is about to bust wide open. Judging from reports we have been receiving from Sabine to South Padre, we believe there’s not only going to be a whole lot of fishing going on…there’s also going to be some great catching. No matter where and how you like to fish along the coast, June is promising plenty of good times for Texas anglers. Here's the rundown...

The recreational Red Snapper season opens June 1. The closing date has yet to be announced; however, a 90-day season is likely, according to sources within TPWD. How long the season will remain open will depend on several factors; not the least of which are weather, prevailing wave heights, and angler participation. The recreational red snapper allocation received a slight boost over last year, which could also contribute to a longer season. Anglers are encouraged to use descending devices when releasing red snapper exhibiting barotrauma, rather than venting. You can learn more and receive free descending gear at returnemright.org. Bag limits and sizes are unchanged from last year. Anglers are encouraged to report their landings via iSnapper as soon as they receive cellular service when returning to the dock.

June’s typically light southeast winds traditionally mark the beginning of serious surf and nearshore fishing along our coast. Surf options include species ranging from frisky specks and redfish to Spanish mackerel, jacks, and occasional kings. Tarpon usually begin showing any time after Memorial Day, depending tides and water temperatures. Nearshore angling can present a veritable smorgasbord of species. Trolling and dropping live baits around platforms can produce plenty of king mackerel, cobia, and dorado. Stay tuned to NOAA weather, June can also produce some rough conditions that pop out of nowhere.

Bay fishing will likely be the top choice of the majority of June anglers. Redfish are available coastwide in impressive numbers and speckled trout are definitely on the rebound along the middle and lower coast. Sabine anglers are reporting much improved trout fishing. We heartily encourage that middle and lower coast trout anglers continue practicing catch and release; these fisheries have improved significantly since the ’21 freeze but the species can still use all the help we can provide.

The school year is winding down and the kiddos are anxious to get out there and join in the fun. Don’t be that parent that fails to get them registered for the CCA STAR Tournament. The list of prizes, including valuable college scholarships will be awarded to lucky youth anglers, along with boat-motor-trailer, and even truck packages for adults.

June’s gonna be awesome; and always remember to Take a Kid Fishing!