June…In All Her Glory!

June has arrived and the Texas fishing scene is jam-packed! I cannot name a better month for just about any type and style of fishing that appeals to angler appetites.

Let’s start with surf fishing. Everything from speckled trout to a variety of sharks fill the Texas surf zone this month. Green tides reaching the beach are a sure sign of fabulous fishing. One of my greatest June memories dates back to the days when TPWD was still running the Matagorda Island shuttle vessel McBride, between Port O’Connor and the old Army Base. Between myself and three buddies, not one had a boat in service, all in for repairs. Determined to fish the surf, we hopped aboard the McBride and then took the truck ride they offered down the beach. It was the year MirrOlure introduced the Top Dog. My goodness, the swells were full of trout, and they absolutely crushed that lure.

June 1st marks the traditional opening of Red Snapper season in federal waters, a day offshore anglers pray will dawn with calm seas. A flat gulf is an open invitation for the small-boat fleet; here’s hoping it happens this year. And, Red Snapper aren’t the only attraction. Many’s the day we got our snaps early and trolled our way back, catching kings and tossing spoons to frenzied bonito nearly the entire way.

Wide-open bay fishing from Sabine to South Padre is always a June highlight. Reds, trout, and flounder are seasonally abundant; and there’s always the chance to tangle with hard-pullers at the jetties and passes. Bull reds and jack crevalle are headliners for jetty-jerkers. Down south, in the Lower Laguna’s South Bay, June is a great month to add a Texas snook to your all-time species list.

Family fishing outings are also some of my best memories. Colorful beach umbrellas, charcoal grill on a sandy shore, ice chests filled with food and drinks, cast nets and bait buckets, tangled reels…kids and dogs splashing and running wild. Man, what fun times we had.

And there’s a serious side to all of this. Boating etiquette and keeping an eye on the weather are two of the most important, especially when involving youngsters. Running a boat on a busy summer weekend deserves the same level of attention as driving on a busy freeway. Don’t depend on the other guy knowing the rules of the road. Yield right of way, even if they’re in the wrong. Show other anglers and boaters the respect you would want them to show you. Above all, don’t become a statistic.

June’s gonna be a great month; grab your family and friends. Show ‘em how great fishing can be in Texas!
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