June Is Family Fishing Month!

June is a very special month. June signals the beginning of summer, officially on June 20 this year, even though everybody in Texas knows summer begins on Memorial Day weekend. And, it might turn warm earlier, any day after May 1.

The two biggest headlines are that school will soon be out for summer and the opening of red snapper season. Both are very big events.

I say this because kids had to first be in school in order to be out for summer. Whether last year’s prolonged school closings were warranted Covid precautions or overreactions will be left to the individual. I personally believe kids develop and learn best in classrooms. So, Hallelujah! The kids are out of school and they need to be going fishing.

Red snapper season will officially open June 1, of this we are certain. The uncertainty that remains however, is how many days we will be allowed to fish this popular Gulf species. As unlikely as it sounds, at the time of this writing, the Feds have yet to declare an allocation for recreational angling. A complete mystery to me, especially given red snapper abundance as described in the Great Red Snapper Count. Sources who should be in the know are expecting a season in the 60-day range, similar to last year. But, never forget the old adage of counting chickens. Even a generous allocation can be thwarted by favorable weather and calm seas that result in increased angling effort during June. As much as I dislike saying this; Stay Tuned!

Some really great news is that CCA Texas has a full schedule of chapter fundraising banquets already underway in May and many to follow through June and the rest of summer. I’m sure you will recall last year when Covid precautions forced dozens of banquet cancellations, which resulted in only a handful of in-person events, replaced temporarily with virtual auctions and other forms of fundraising. With coastal habitat and fisheries enhancement being the primary focus of the organization, CCA Texas is the finest and largest organization of its kind and our fisheries benefit mightily from their efforts. I am therefore encouraging every Texas angler to get involved and support as many fundraising banquets as they can squeeze into their schedules. Obviously, your local chapter comes first, but your attendance at any within reasonable driving distance also deserve consideration. This is our organization and no other does as much to insure the future of our fisheries. Take the family!

I will close with another reminder to conserve middle and lower coast seatrout to the best of your ability. Every fish you release will play a role in hastening the recovery of this fishery.

TSFMag June Issue Highlights – Red Snapper Season – CCA Texas S.T.A.R.