Increasing Range of Power-Pole Remote

Increasing Range of Power-Pole Remote
"My new Power-Pole does not have the remote control distance my old one had."

We hear this often from owners who have recently purchased a new Power-Pole. For wade-fisherman who walk downwind on the shallow flats and enjoy having the boat follow them by frequently lifting the Power-Pole, there is an easy fix.

Remove the four top-cover mounting screws from the C- Monster pump.

-Remove the top carefully and either mark them or make a photo; there are five wires and one ribbon to be disconnected to separate the control board.

-You will find a wire about four inches long in a white plastic retainer, this is the receiver antennae. Notice the empty slot next to the antenna wire; this is where you can insert/clip in a new, longer antennae wire. Strip back approximately a quarter inch of insulation and push into the retainer.

-Drill a small hole in the top cover and run the wire through. Apply silicone to seal the installation.

-Reinstall all the wiring and secure the top-cover.

-Run the new wire through the rigging tube, fastening to the existing rigging with cable ties.

-The longer the antennae extension, the better the reception will be. Taking the wire through the rigging chase and fastening to a windshield grab rail mounting screw usually gives best results.

You should receive a minimum of 50 yards extended range and as much as 70, depending the height of the console grab rail. I want to credit Larry Wheeler for providing this tip to enhance the range of the Power-Pole remote control. Larry is a great friend and customer of Coastal Bend Marine and we trust his ingenuity will prove helpful to our friends and readers.

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