Bubba’s Been At It Again

Bubba’s Been At It Again
Inside the carrying case; the handle and blades are nested in a molded tray that can be removed for cleaning.

Just when you think they’ve surely run out of ideas, here comes another innovative fillet knife product from the folks at Bubba!

Coming to retailers very soon: The latest addition to the family of Bubba fillet knife products is the Multi-Flex Full-Tang Interchangeable Fillet Knife Set. Blades include Bubba’s 7” Tapered Flex, 8” Ultra Flex, 9” Stiff, and 9” Serrated Flex; and of course the iconic Bubba non-slip handle that incorporates a very secure locking mechanism to insure the blades will not become disengaged during the process of cleaning and filleting your catch.  

All four blades and the handle store neatly in recessed pockets molded into the carrying case tray – which, by the way, is easily removable for cleaning.

The Full-Tang design of the blades and Locking System are very important safety features. No room for error when working with extremely sharp blades! Once the blade is locked into the handle it’s there to stay until the dual locking lugs are depressed and the blade is disengaged for removal. The full-length tang is integral to the blade itself and extends through the length of the handle for added strength and durability. Switching blades can be accomplished in a few seconds.

Electric fillet knives are very popular, no doubt, and Bubba has addressed this with the introduction of their EFK last year. But a great many fishermen still prefer traditional blades for processing their catches. The advantages here are obvious; not all fish cleaning stations have electrical service; and traditionalists are, well, very traditional in how they prefer to go about these chores.

One of the problems encountered with carrying a single traditional blade, though, has always been the fillet knife losing its edge when slicing through tough scales and rib bones. Especially when cleaning some of our tastiest and most popular inshore species – redfish and black drum.

That problem is easily solved with the Interchangeable Blade concept. In the accompanying photos you will see the 9” Serrated blade being selected to slice through the tough stuff, and then either the 7” Tapered Flex or 8” Ultra Flex for the not-so-demanding remainder of the work where smooth cuts yield the prettiest fillets. The 9” Stiff is a great all-around choice for any of the larger species; large red snapper, dorado, and cobia.

Perhaps two of the key design attributes of all the blades in the set are the Titanium-Nitride coatings and the ease by which they can be re-sharpened. The Titanium-Nitride coating allows the blades to glide through flesh easily as cuts are being made, and the high-carbon material from which the blades are made lends to quicker and easier re-sharpening, as compared to other common blade alloys. A few swipes across a sharpening steel realigns the edge of the smooth blades and a few passes through a device such as the Work Sharp is all that’s necessary to restore the edge of the 9” Serrated.

All in and all done, The Bubba Interchangeable Fillet Knife is a four-in-one kit that comes in its own carrying case for easy and safe storage on the boat or a fishing gear bag. We cleaned several reds with it recently and two black drum – quickly and easily. The 9” Serrated ripped through tough scales and rib bones with very little effort, while the 7” Flex and 8” Ultra Flex took care of removing the skin and ribs from the fillet. Using the blades in this combination helped preserve the keen edges of the smooth blades.

No more worries about electricity at the cleaning station, or whether the fillet knife battery is charged – no need to carry multiple knives for a variety of filleting chores – everything you need to fillet fish like a pro in one neat package.

Look for the Bubba Multi-Flex Interchangeable Blade Knife Set soon at these fine retailers near you:

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