E-Z Drainer

TSFMag Staff
E-Z Drainer
Here's a little tip for our readers. E-Z Drainer Anti-Clog Cooler Drain is one of those products you wonder how you lived without after you use it once. Dead simple and effective is how I would term it.

Everybody has forgotten to pull the drain plug on their ice chest and ended with lunches and snack foods becoming a soggy mess when the ice melts. Or, they left the cooler drain open as a preventive measure and an ice sack or food wrapper stopped it up. So much for wading back to the boat and munching down a Poor Boy to silence the tiger in your tank.

Likely, most everybody has enjoyed searching for that one item that invariably find its way to the bottom of the box. Well actually, it isn't much fun fumbling through soft drinks, bottled water, a few beers and other goodies submerged in icy water. I had my fill of numb fingers growing up in the North Country and I enjoy them even less here in Texas.

So let me tell you how easy E-Z Drainer is to assemble and install, it takes less than ten seconds. First you snap the perforated dome onto the backing plate and then insert the flow tube into the backing plate. Next, you simply shove the flow tube into the drain hole of the cooler and rotate until the housing contacts the bottom of the cooler. This helps stabilize the assembly so that it not become accidentally dislodged. If you decide to perform a more permanent installation there are instructions on the package for that too. I prefer the temporary mount so I can move the E-Z Drainer to whichever cooler I will be using for the day.

Want to put E-Z Drainer to the test? Fill your ice chest with water and remove the plug so that it starts to drain. Now throw in a plastic sack or a piece of plastic wrap, just like the one that clogged it up and ruined your lunch last weekend. Guess whatE-Z Drainer allows the water to continue flowing. Like I said, "It works."

Look for E-Z Drainer at your neighborhood Academy Sports and Outdoors or shop online: www.EzDrainer.com