According to Scott: July 2008

According to Scott: July 2008
30" x 18" Black Standard Mat with White Logos and Yellow Eyes.
Okay everybody — I am stumped as for what to write about this month. Actually, I have been getting some great ideas from both readers and our illustrious editor but, they all require a little development and I need some time to create some images to support the ideas. So, I have decided to share some new products that I have discovered recently.


This first item is more for the ‘skiff’ crowd that seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate here in Texas. The product is called a Tiller Piller and is built in Florida by Joe Welbourn of Carbon Marine. The Tiller Piller is a tiller extension for small tiller-steered outboards that is made of carbon fiber.

“I couldn’t find a tiller extension that was light enough or strong enough to use on my little skiff,” said Welbourn, “so I just decided to make my own and before I knew it, people were asking where they could get one.” He also added, “Once the business took off, it was only a matter of time before I introduced something new so, I am now making removable casting decks and am developing a poling platform.”

I have been using mine now on my 25 hp Yamaha for several months and cannot say enough about the product. It is easy to put on and take off for traveling, it is light (a major factor in anything I put on one of my boats) and the price is very reasonable. The extension is also ridiculously strong which, to me is very important for safety reasons in that I would not want to be running along, hit something, have the extension break or become unattached and then lose control of the boat.

This product is of course for the extreme angler who is fishing from boats that are designed to fish shallow, not run shallow.

For more information about this product please visit Joe’s website at — www.


While traveling through Florida a couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto another product that I just knew that I was going to have to have.

Designer Mats Inc. of Florida is offering a PVC mat that is perfect for many small boat applications. The first thought that went through my mind was to use it to stand on while running my boat to reduce fatigue (it works great for this by the way) and then I thought-what about using it to line compartments. For all these years I have been looking for the perfect material to put in the bottom of my compartments to protect not only the boat, but the items being stored, and that would be easy to clean. By gosh, I think I have finally found it.

The mats are offered plain or custom hand inlaid mats of woven PVC. The properties of the mat make it very easy to keep clean, resisting mold, mildew, and fungus. The PVC is impregnated with the color as well as UV inhibitors to prevent it from fading. There are 27 colors to choose from. The mats do not come with a backing allowing sand, dirt and water to flow through keeping the surface cleaner and safer. Clean up is a snap, just hose it off with water and a mild degreaser.

After having tried the product it is safe to say that you will be seeing it on my boat when I get back from Florida.

To learn more about these multi-purpose mats please visit Designer Mats Inc at — or call Jeff LeMieux at (941) 473-8060.


Well Shimano finally made a change that I have been waiting on for a couple of years. You see, I have always liked the indestructible Shimano Spheros spinning reel for fishing down in Florida and for fishing at the jetties or in the surf at home in Texas. But — I quit using them and went back to using the more expensive Stradics because the Spheros casting performance left a lot to be desired due to a poor spool design.

Now, like the saying goes — things change. Shimano has updated the spool to its new and improved ‘propulsion line management system’ spool and has breathed new life into an old product. The ‘propulsion’ spool allows the line to fl ow of off the spool much smoother allowing for more accurate presentations and more distance on the cast. It also reduces line tangles for all of those anglers like me who have forgotten what monofilament is and think braided line is now the only alternative.

The only complaint I now have with the Spheros product line is that Shimano has yet to offer this reel in a 2000 series. The Spheros 3000 is the smallest version of this product which is just a little too big for fishing for reds and trout in the bays and backcountry. The 3000 is great when you are fishing somewhere where you might hook a slot-sized red on one cast, a 20 pound snook on the next and then a 50 pound tarpon on the next, but is a bit clumsy fishing for slot-sized fish on a lighter rod designed for finesse.

All in all I would have to say that Shimano remains at the top of their game as usual which is apparent with the updated version of this reel series.

Well boys and girls, that’s it for this month. I hope I have given you some information that you can use. Until next month — best of tides.