Sabine Scene: October 2017

Dear Readers,

Dickie Colburn has been a very popular and faithful contributor to TSFMag for many years. Even through hurricanes, tropical storms and Sabine River floods, Dickie’s material has never failed to reach my email inbox before due date. Dickie has never been one to spin fishing yarns in his columns – if it’s good he says so, and tells where to catch them. When fishing is tough, he’ll report that, too – as honestly as he possibly can. Always with sincere encouragement to “Take a Kid Fishing!”

Sadly – through all the calamity that has befallen the Sabine region over the years, Dickie and Karen were not so lucky in Harvey’s aftermath. Torrential rain for days as Harvey spun on his ugly course across East Texas, Dickie’s neighborhood became inundated with floodwater and his home flooded. The Colburn household became awash in several feet of water, ruining much of the interior structure and contents.

Dickie promises to be back next month, or as soon as the Good Lord allows. Meanwhile, please keep Dickie and Karen and their family in your thoughts and prayers as they put their lives and home back together.

Everett Johnson, Editor and Publisher