Blackened Tripletail

Blackened Tripletail
3 pounds fresh tripletail fillets (redfish and flounder are great also)
4 tablespoons Adams Reserve Peppercorn & Garlic Sear-N-Crust Rub
(available at H-E-B Plus stores)
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons real butter

-Pat fillets dry and coat well on all sides with the Adams Rub.
-Place olive oil and butter in large cast iron skillet, place on stove and heat until you begin to see a very faint smoke rising.
-Place coated fillets in skillet and blacken on both sides, you will want to use a splatter screen or cook outdoors. Cook until the flesh flakes no more!
-Serve with fresh steamed veggies and your favorite rice or potato.

This recipe provides six adult portions. If you decide to use tripletail as we did, be advised that a 15 pound fish provided us with almost 7 pounds of fillets – a generous serving for 12 adult dinner guests! We know that tripletail are very tasty, but we also want to encourage conservation of this challenging and great fighting gamefish. One 15-pounder should be plenty for the table... consider releasing some for more angling fun on the next trip. Remember that fresh is always best and freezers can only burn what we put in them!