Mid-Coast Bays: May 2009

Mid-Coast Bays: May 2009
Lisa Ladewig, Ron Ladewig and Laura Mauro showing off some of their back lake catch.
As I write this article I can feel my face and eyes burning from being exposed to 25-plus mph winds. Yep, it is that time again when Mother Nature reminds us of who really is in charge when it comes to our springtime conditions. Wind is just one of the factors that we are used to planning around when it comes to fishing with clients. Our fishing locales will change depending on what directions and strength we face each day. If you are like most anglers you go fishing when you can instead of when you should. I am going to mention a few strategies to help you on your next trip when it looks as though high winds are going to be an issue.

The Port O'Connor/Seadrift area is fortunate to have a great number of back lakes. Matagorda Island alone has so many it is sometimes hard to decide on where to start. I first ask myself if I will be wading or drifting with customers. If wading is more your style then I personally would choose a smaller body of water like Corey Cove, Post or Fifth Lake. There tends to be less boat traffic buzzing around enabling you to cover an area more thoroughly with your lures. But keep in mind that most of our back lakes do have bottoms that are muddy and some are worse than others. This element alone tends to keep many anglers in their boats instead of wading.

If drift fishing is more to your liking I would choose a larger body of water. Pringle Lake, Long Lake and Shoalwater Bay give you more room to drift and longer drifts works to your advantage. You are spending more time fishing and making fewer runs back to the opposite shoreline spooking fish with your outboard motor. No matter how good the fishing is, if you motor through them repeatedly the fish will move and/or shut down.

Now that our waters have gotten warmer you will find me throwing topwaters more often. If it is extremely windy and there are whitecaps on the water I will opt for a loud lure such as the MirrOlure She Dog. When the wind lies a bit I tend to throw plugs that make less noise such as the Rapala Skitter Walk or Heddon Super Spook Jr. When you find that you are getting lots of blow-ups but no hook-ups; switching to a soft plastic rigged under a Mansfield Mauler seems to do the trick.

It is no big secret that I will be in San Antonio Bay on the calmer days. San Antonio Bay has so many reefs that many anglers get discouraged when fishing it. I have had many customers tell me they have had no luck when fishing the reefs but it is usually because they pick one reef, catch little, and then give up. It sometimes takes 4 to 6 stops before I find a good solid bite so; I can't sit here and tell you it is easy because it often requires more than a little determination. Also, don't just fish the named reefs. San Antonio Bay has many less-famous reefs that produce better than the well-known ones but you must have a good GPS in order to get an idea of where some of them are.

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I want to wish my mother a very happy Mother's Day. Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly. Thank you for everything.

If you're lucky enough to have a lady angler in your life and you are wondering what to get them as a token of your appreciation you might consider one of my Signature Series rods made by American Rodsmiths. These rods where specifically designed for today's lady anglers. They are extremely light in weight and can handle anything from the biggest trout to the toughest redfish.